The Fine Print was created by George K. and myself to provide students and recent graduates with a quick, easy way to begin their Hypnosis practice without the expense and hassle of creating a website, branding and printed material from scratch. Even the text content has been written in a way that it can be used as-is if you choose to do so (though you are free to provide me with updated bios, etc. at any time at no cost to you).

The emphasis was on ease of use, quality of design, and low cost. Because of the low cost of these packages – changes, additions and customizations – while available to you – may come at an additional cost. This includes new pages, design changes, etc. Please email me for a quote for any significant changes.


  1. Hosting: All websites require hosting. While you are not required to host with Jumpstart – your first year is free, and subsequent years are at the low cost of $169 annually. This includes up to two email addresses and 500 mb of email space. Extra addresses and space are available for add’l cost.
  2. Editing the site yourself: Some clients request access to edit the site themselves. The sites are created using WordPress with a 3rd party theme. I am happy to provide access for editing, though it does require some level of knowledge to accomplish; I do not, however, teach WordPress or it’s accompanying theme.
  3. Site ownership: The site belongs to you to take wherever you like. I can provide you with a copy of it at any time should you decide to have it hosted elsewhere.
  4. Custom changes: Prices are kept low by keeping customization to a minimum. However – customizations are available (new pages, new images, design and layout changes) – up to and including a complete custom website from scratch for additional cost. Any deviation from existing content and layout may incur additional charges. Please email me for a quote on various changes and customizations.