Google Console Instructions

If at any time you get frustrated  – you can always have me do it for you for a small fee (go here).

Google Console can seem intimidating to the first time user – but these step-by-step instructions should help. And if you get bored or overwhelmed – you can always have me do it for you for a small fee (go here).


The first step is to get a Google account.

If you have a Gmail account – you already have one. Otherwise just go to and click the blue “Sign-in” button in the top right hand corner. On the next page click on “Create account

Once you are signed in – go to

If it’s your first time there – it should take you directly to this screen:


You will put your full domain name (including the https://) into the field on the RIGHT, and click “continue”.

Next is the tricky part. You will be prompted to download an html file:

You should save this somewhere on your computer where you’ll remember its location.

This file now needs to be uploaded to your websites home directory BEFORE you click the “VERIFY” button.

If you host with me, you can simply email me the file and I will upload it for you. Otherwise, you need to have your web guy do it – or do it yourself. Once you know that file is in place – THEN you can click the “VERIFY” button. You can leave this page and come back to it later if need be.

Once you have successfully verified the “property” (your website) you have successfully said to Google “Hey – I’m here – please pay attention to me!”


But there’s another important step. Google is essentially an indexing engine, and you want to help them properly index your site. You do this by creating a sitemap. Fortunately this is quite easy. Just go to and put your full domain name in the field at the top of the page and click the blue start button. It should tale less than a minute. Click on the blue button that says “View sitemap details”

On the next page, click the blue button that says “Download your XML sitemap file”.

Now – you need to the exact same process as with the Google HTML file. Save it somewhere on your computer – and then get it uploaded to the home directory of your website. Email it to your web guy (me if it’s me), or upload it yourself if you know how – and then go back to your Google Console and click on the “Sitemaps” link on the left side of the page.

On that page – just type sitemap.xml in the field, and click submit:

Congratulations. You’ve now let Google know the layout of your site, and made it that much easier for them to index and list your site.

There is a lot more involved to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) than I can cover here – and if I’ve created your site for you – I’ve already done some of the basic things every site should have. But as I tell every client, for individual professionals like myself and hypnotherapists – nothing generates business like good old fashioned doing-a great-job and getting referrals. 99% of my business is generated through word of mouth referrals, and a website is just one tool in that process.

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